Accommodation rules of the pension Stará Brusírna

These Accommodation Rules were created by machine translation from the Czech language. This document is not a legal document. The legal relationship between the guest and the accommodation provider is governed by the legal regulations of the Czech Republic and the Czech version of the Accommodation Regulations. This translation is only an indicative translation for the information of the accommodated persons.

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Reservation, contract conclusion
The accommodation contract is always concluded in writing. To comply with the form requirement, an order made via the reservation form or by email to the accommodation provider’s address is sufficient.
As soon as the accommodation provider receives a written order from the guest or a written confirmation of the reservation, the accommodation provider will issue an invoice to the guest for an advance payment of 50% of the price of the services provided.
The guest is obliged to pay the advance payment within the due date stated in the advance invoice. Without payment of the deposit, the booking cannot be accepted and the booking is cancelled the day after the due date.
The deposit is not required only for stays booked seven calendar days or less before the requested check-in date. In this case, full payment is due at the time of check-in.
By paying the advance invoice, the customer/resident agrees to the amount of cancellation fees that apply in the event of cancellation of the booked accommodation by the resident before the start of the accommodation and are published on the website of the accommodation provider By ordering the accommodation and paying the advance invoice, the guest also agrees that in the event of cancellation of the booked stay by the guest before the start of the accommodation, the accommodation provider will set off the advance payment against the accommodation provider’s claim for payment of the cancellation fee. By paying the advance invoice / additional payment for accommodation, the customer furthermore agrees to the operating rules of the pension Stará Brusírna (in the current version at
By concluding the contract or by paying the advance payment, the provider is obliged to provide the customer with the services specified in the contract and the customer is obliged to take these services and pay the agreed price to the company for their provision.

Cancellation of reservation, withdrawal from the contract
The customer has the right to cancel the contract at any time before the start of the stay, without giving any reason. Cancellation is only possible in writing or electronically. The customer is obliged to pay the following cancellation fees.

Cancellation before the start of the stay:

  • 30-60 days – 20% deposit
  • 19-29 days – 50% deposit
  • 11-18 days – 70% deposit
  • 10-0 days – 100% deposit

Accommodation arrival
Unless otherwise agreed, check-in of arriving guests takes place between 15:00 and 18:00
Upon arrival, the guest will present his/her valid ID card or passport or other valid ID to the operator or the guesthouse staff. The guest confirms the correctness of his/her personal data and the duration of stay by signing the registration card or the accommodation book of the accommodation provider.
After recording the data, the guest will be informed about the guesthouse rules and regulations and will be given the keys to the room and the main entrance door and the guest will be accommodated.
The guest hereby gives consent to the accommodation provider to process and store his/her personal data, to the extent of the data provided, for the purpose of providing accommodation and registering guests in accordance with Act No. 565/1990 Coll., on local fees and Act No. 326/1999 Coll., on the residence of foreigners in the Czech Republic and on amendments to certain acts. The more detailed obligations of the guest and the accommodation provider regarding the keeping of the register and the housekeeping book are set out in the above-mentioned legislation.
Upon arrival at the accommodation, the guest shall pay in cash the amount representing the additional payment of the accommodation price, i.e. the agreed accommodation price less the deposit paid. In the event that the advance invoice has not been issued, the guest shall pay the full amount for the agreed services. We do not accept credit cards.
The guest uses the room for the agreed period of time. If the guest requests an extension, the operator may offer him/her a room other than the one in which he/she was originally accommodated.
The use of the guesthouse facilities is prohibited for persons suffering from infectious diseases, including persons with symptoms of COVID-19

General accommodation rules
Guests have the right to use the space reserved for their accommodation, as well as the common areas of the guesthouse and to use the services associated with the accommodation. Doors to the accommodation area are not locked when guests are present.
The guest is obliged to prevent the loss, destruction or damage of the keys, as well as access to the keys by third parties who are not direct parties to the respective accommodation contract agreed between the guest and the accommodation provider. In the event of loss of keys, the guest shall pay the damage caused to the accommodation provider in the amount of CZK 1,000.

  • get acquainted with the accommodation rules and observe them;
  • be familiar with the safety rules and evacuation plan in case of fire. This plan can be found in each hotel room
  • pay the accommodation price according to the current price list;
  • to use the accommodation properly and to keep all accommodation areas clean and tidy;
  • ensure that the cleanliness of the accommodation areas is maintained;
  • protect the equipment in the accommodation premises against damage;
  • promptly report any damage or injury caused by the guest or persons staying with them on the premises;
  • behave in such a way as not to disturb other persons by excessive noise between 22:00 and 07:00;
  • when leaving the room, close the taps in the room, turn off the lights, switch off electrical appliances that are not in use during the guest’s absence and close the windows;
  • Garbage must only be placed in the designated receptacles in the designated areas;
  1. The guest must not, without the consent of the accommodation provider:
  • make substantial changes to the accommodation premises (moving furniture, moving equipment, etc.);
  • remove any equipment and facilities from the accommodation premises;
  • use their own appliances in the accommodation premises, except for small appliances used by the guest for personal hygiene and office work;
  • make any interference with the electrical network or other installations in the room and on the premises;
  • leave the accommodation premises to another person;
  • keep dogs and other animals in all areas of the guesthouse;
  • Possess, manufacture or keep narcotic or psychotropic substances or poisons, unless they are medicines prescribed by a doctor for the guest;
  • smoke; this does not apply to areas designated for smoking and visibly marked with the appropriate symbol;
  • taking sports equipment, bicycles and other items for which another place is reserved in the room;
  • use open fires;
  • tampering with fire extinguishers, tampering with fire alarms in the apartments, blocking access to fire protection equipment, blocking escape routes;
  • to move around in the interior of the guesthouse wearing cycling shoes called “suitcases”.
  1. Liability for damages
    Everyone is obliged to secure their belongings so that they are not stolen or damaged, including items left in parked vehicles. The pension operator is liable for loss and damage only under the conditions and to the extent provided by civil law. The accommodation provider is liable for money and valuables only if he has taken them into custody against a receipt. The right to claim compensation must be lodged with the guesthouse without undue delay on the day on which the injured party becomes aware of the damage.
    Always lock the room.
    The operator is not responsible for the health of guests during normal operation, so guests are asked not to leave persons in their charge unattended. For safety reasons, it is not advisable to leave children under 10 years of age without adult supervision in the room or other areas of the guesthouse.
    The health and life of guests are not insured by the operator.
    Everyone present is obliged to report immediately to the operator or the nearest employee of the pension operator the danger of fire, the situation requiring police intervention or medical treatment and to do everything possible to prevent the spread of fire or avert the imminent danger.
    The guest is fully responsible for any damage caused and missing inventory.
    The public areas of the guesthouse are monitored by a camera system with recording in accordance with GDPR. The policy on the processing of personal data can be found at
    Departure from the guest house
    The guest is obliged to leave the room where he/she is staying by 10:00 on the last day of the stay, unless otherwise agreed.
    The guest will lock the room and hand over the keys to the Operator, unless otherwise agreed.

Final provisions
In the event of a dispute, the guest has the right to submit an out-of-court dispute resolution request to the designated consumer dispute resolution body, which is:
Czech Trade Inspection Authority
Central Inspectorate – ADR Department
Štěpánská 15
120 00 Prague 2
The Czech Trade Inspection Authority is a supervisory authority exercising supervision over consumer protection, acting in accordance with Act No. 64/1986 Coll., on the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, as amended, and other legal regulations. The website of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority is
If the provider is unable to meet the agreed terms and conditions due to force majeure, the provider shall have the right to withdraw from the contract without further delay, unless the parties agree otherwise. Force majeure means, in particular, damage to the hotel and its facilities as a result of natural disasters or due to an act of official authority. In the event of force majeure, the client shall not be entitled to claim any penalties or equivalent performance against the provider.
These Accommodation Regulations v.1.0 came into force and effect on 1.5.2020.
We are very pleased that you have chosen our guesthouse and we trust that you will have a pleasant stay.
Ing. Petr Bojanovský